Preparing your questions

Preparing your questions:

First of all, don’t get overwhelmed when you read this.  There won’t be a test!

Questions for your consultation can address any topic in your life, including health, relationships, career, repeating patterns and behaviors, recurring dreams, spiritual growth or path.

In the days before your consultation, write down any questions that come to mind. Taking time to quiet your mind and meditate on what to ask can help you gain clarity on what questions would be the most helpful.

Examples of Akashic Records consultation questions are:
“What is blocking me from attracting and maintaining the abundance and prosperity of the Universe?”
“What is blocking me from attracting and maintaining a healthy loving relationship?”
“Tell me the positives and negatives of moving to ____ or taking a job with ____ versus staying here.”
“What is creating these relationship issues?”
“Please give me insight into the situation of ____. ”

Be open to sub-questions that develop from the original questions; write them down.
For example, if your original questions is: “Expand on my relationship with Jane?” sub-questions may be “What is at the core of the conflict between Jane and me?” or “How can I resolve the current conflict over ____ that I am having with Jane?”
By listing sub-questions, you are more likely to get closer to the heart of the matter and receive deeper answers on how to resolve issues. The more specific the questions, the deeper the answers.

Instead of: “Expand on my relationship with Jane?”
Try: “What am I meant to learn by having Jane in my life?”
“Why do I feel incomplete or unfulfilled in my relationship with Jane?”
“How can I best work with Jane in order to fulfill my highest good?”
“How can I best support Jane for her highest good?”

The Akashic Records contain information about the future, but because we as humans have free will, you and the people you are relating to are able to change the future with your choices. Questions about the future are best asked in terms of possibilities and potentials.

Instead of: “Will ____ happen tomorrow?”
Try: “If I choose to do ____ tomorrow, what is the most likely outcome?”

Should or Shouldn’t: The words ‘should/shouldn’t’ imply that there is a specific right or wrong way of doing something, which is simply not true in a world of unlimited possibilities. A better way would be to ask for outcomes for your highest good. Otherwise, you are giving up your free will and asking to be blindly told what to do.

Instead of: “Should I do ____ tomorrow?”
Try: “What are the potential benefits of doing ____ tomorrow?”

No need for lengthy background information.

Instead of: “I’ve been doing ____ for two years, and I want to continue doing ____ but I think it might be wrong to continue doing ____. All my friends are advising me to do ____ instead, but I feel more comfortable doing ____, so I am wondering what is best.”
Try: “Would doing ____ affect me differently than doing ____?
“How might doing ____ instead of ____ be of benefit to me?”

Yes/No Questions: Avoid questions that would only result in a yes/no answer. Rephrase questions as suggested to receive an expansive answer.

Final question: Many people find it useful to ask a general question at the end of their consultation, such as “Is there anything my Akashic Records want me to know?” or “Is there anything more that would be beneficial for me to know that I haven’t asked?”

More examples on ways to phrase questions:

1. What is my Soul’s intention regarding the pattern of _______?
2. How can I open my heart to ___________?
3. What action steps can I take to_________?
… attract and maintain a healthy, loving relationship?
… create/attract/accept and maintain the abundance & prosperity of the Universe?
… move forward with _________?
4. Please give me insight into the situation of ________.
5. What do I need awareness of to _____________?
… learn to trust myself?
… accept myself and feel whole and complete?

All the above are only examples and suggestions. Allow your questions to come from your heart. Do not worry that your questions will be “wrong” or “phrased incorrectly”. At any point in the consultation you can ask for a better way to rephrase a question to receive a more expansive answer.

During your consultation, if you feel that the answers you receive do not align or are not complete, please tell me and we will find ways to rephrase your questions so as to receive a complete and expansive answer.

Again, don’t worry!  These are tips and suggestions for you to get the most out of your consultation, but rest assured, your Akashic Records Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, and myself, will be working with you to get your questions answered in the most expansive way possible!