Happy New Year 2021!

Welcome to 2021! For most of us, we are saying “Good riddance!” to 2020. Um…me, too.

I asked the Akashic Records to give me some insight into 2021 and here is what ‘they’ gave me:

“We are all in this together, folks. Community and connectivity will be the theme for 2021. A lot of us spent 2020 eyeing up our neighbors to see if they were in compliance with the new ‘rules’ and worrying if we ourselves were in compliance– frustrated, angry and fearful, and forgetting our mask in the car when we went into a store.

Picture yourself in 2021, rising above all that. Picture yourself taking big long strides over a junk heap. All the crap from 2020 is in the scrap pile now and you have strong boots on and are marching right over it, and heading right where you KNOW you ‘need’ to be. It might be to a neighbor who needs help. It might be to the local animal shelter to adopt a pet that needs you. It might be to a new career path that 2020 helped bring into focus how unsuited you were to your current job.

Take big steps and KNOW that you are striding in the ‘right’ direction. The junk heap of 2020 is underfoot, and you are tall and strong and ready for whatever 2021 throws your way. No more sitting in fear in front of the TV, saying “OMG, what next!?”

Lace up your boots, the sun is shining, and you are full of TRUST that you are heading in the ‘right’ direction. Community and connection will be very important in 2021. Isolation and distancing be damned. You may have to be even more clever coming up with ingenious ways to do it, but connection will overrule isolation.

No worries, you’ve got your steel-toed work boots on and the sun is shining. All the crap of 2020 is beneath you/behind you. Fear is falling away. Trust is now in place.

Onward into 2021!”


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